NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony waiving his ‘no-trade’ clause, wants to play for another team next season

United States’ Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant celebrate the men’s gold medal basketball game at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Rumors and speculations are now swirling with the New York Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony who is asking to be traded in order to play for a new franchise next season.

According to CBS Sports Radio, long-time NBA writer Peter Vecsey said that New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony may waive his ‘no-trade’ clause during the summer of 2016.

“If they hire Rambis, I think that is telling Melo they don’t want him,” said Vecsey. “I don’t know where he goes, but I think that is the belief…the truth is Melo likes Rambis. I know that for a fact. He thinks he’s a good guy, but he doesn’t think he’s the coach they need to go further than they are right now.”

Anthony is undeniably one of greatest player in the NBA. Unfortunately, he hasn’t won any championship title yet since he joined the league so he is doing everything in order to achieve his goal next season. Anthony was reportedly asking to take part in the New York Knicks’ search for new head coach.

However, Knicks president Phil Jackson seems to be already having a person in his mind to be the team’s next head coach

“Phil has a relationship with the guy and he’s caught up in the triangle,” said Vecsey. “I don’t see anyone else, unless they go out and hire Mark Jackson. That doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen. And Vogel…please. I’m going to throw up. I don’t care what he did with the team. He should have done better with what he had. How many times with the game on the line did he give the ball to Monta Ellis and not to his star player? It’s a joke.”

According to Vecsey, Kambis is the one who has higher chance to land the job since he is familiar with the triangle offense preferred by Jackson for his team. Based on a previous report, Anthony was having a hard time coping up with the system and this might be the reason why he will demand a trade in the off-season.

Carmelo Anthony is the type of person who is really wanting to have an NBA championship title so playing with a team that does not execute the system where he used to excel will be a big problem for him. If Jackson would insist his system, it will be best for the Knicks to trade Anthony to look for another superstar who will fit with their system.

On the other hand, it will give Anthony a chance to be on a team that have the system that match his play. Also, there will be a larger possibility that he will be landing with the team where either Kevin Durant or Rajon Rondo will sign in the upcoming free agency.

Photo courtesy: Charles Krupa/AP

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