NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony waiving no trade clause; Melo wants to win

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It cannot be denied that Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players in the NBA league right now. However, despite his known enthusiasm and talent, when it comes to winning a championship, he and his team are relatively far from achieving such coveted NBA title. That is why speculations are surfacing regarding the possible waiving of Anthony’s no trade clause with the New York Knicks.

Almost every NBA player aspires to have a championship ring. However, no matter how great your play is when your team is not in its optimum shape, things are quite different and challenging.

And such is the case of Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks, for this year’s season would likely repeat their unsuccessful campaign for he playoffs last year and the season before it.

Such thing is really hard to stomach especially if you are a player like Carmelo Anthony, whose performance has amazed almost every NBA fans and fellow NBA players. George Karl, former coach of Anthony during his time with Denver Nuggets, is mindful of the feeling of Anthony right now.

“I know Melo wants to win. I’ve seen a winning Melo over the last two years. I’ve seen him sacrifice his game to try to figure out the team…I just know right now, just kind of looking at his body language, he wants to win,” George Karl shared via NY Daily News.

However despite the longing and pursuit of Carmelo Anthony for an NBA title, such honor seems to be shy from being achieved by this 12 year NBA veteran. And for that matter, queries of his possible departure from Knicks is being speculated.

Questions about Anthony waiving his no-trade clause in favour of a winning team and line-up has been put into examination by some insiders and even mere NBA fans. In response to similar queries and rumoured uncertainties with the Knicks, Anthony in reply stated that:

“S—, I don’t know. Honestly, it’s hard to answer those type of questions when you really don’t know what’s going to happen towards the end of the summer. We still have a month left in this season. So to think about whether I’m going to be on this team next summer, that’s for you to speculate.”

Since Anthony advised us to speculate, such response of Anthony may be then acknowledged as an implicit affirmation to the rumors. That he might waive his no-trade clause and depart towards other teams in the NBA that have greater chances of winning a title next season.

However, such statement and projection would remain in the realm of rumors and opinions, for unless he officially declares his career move for the next season, then Knicks fans have nothing to worry about.

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