NBA Rumors: Cavaliers acquiring Aaron Gordon from Magic for Kevin Love?

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Aaron Gordon and Kevin Love (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr )

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2016 NBA champions after defeating the Golden State Warriors in seven games but they will have a busy offseason. According to the latest NBA rumors, a Kevin Love trade is still possible with Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic as a target.

Love had a forgettable NBA Finals until he became one of the heroes of Game 7 with his rebounding, hustle, and defense. However, the Cavs have minimal financial flexibility next season with LeBron James, J.R. Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, and Timofey Mozgov being free agents.

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According to Matt Borcas of The Ringer, there still a big possibility that James and the Cavs have Love trade but they likely won’t accept a deal involving rookies. It should be noted that when James returned to Cleveland, he did not want to play with Andrew Wiggins since he still needs time to develop.

Borcas added that if the Cavaliers trade Love, it will be for a young player with a developing game and a ton of upside. He suggested Aaron Gordon, who possesses those qualities, but there are no indications that the Magic are willing to give him up in a trade.

However, Orlando is on the cusp of making the postseason and they only need a veteran player or two to make it. They have a great young core of players consisting of Gordo, Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier, Victor Oladipo, Mario Hezonja and Nikola Vucevic, with an additional prospect coming this year.

The Magic have money this offseason and they have been linked with Al Horford, who is a better player than love defensively but older. According to Bleacher Report, Dwight Howard may also return to Orlando and help the young Magic.

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If the Magic signs Howard, it would create a glut of players in the paint but Love would be the perfect stretch four to pair with him in Orlando. On the other hand, the Cavaliers get a couple of young players (Vucevic or Gordon plus a couple of picks) in exchange for Love.

Nonetheless, these are all speculations at this point but the Cavs really have a lot of decisions to make this summer.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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