NBA Rumors: Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith to open a celebrity golf tour for charity?

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J.R. Smith has not signed a contract yet to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA rumors surrounding his deal is still not done. But just recently, he plans to start his own golf tournament with celebrities and players playing on the tour.

According to Jared Zwerling of the NBPA, Smith expresses his desire to host a celebrity golf weekend. He states that this tournament will be played by athletes and Hollywood celebrities. This golf tour that J.R. wants is a charity event that will help the youth in his hometown.

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Aside from this celebrity golf tour, Smith also thinks of hosting a mini-golf tour for NBA players.

“A lot of us play golf and I’ve been trying to get the guys to do one”, J.R. said.

He reiterates that this charity occasion is going to be a simple one.

“It’s not a 50-man field like the PGA Tour and it would be a select group, two at a time,” Smith adds. He also urges all the participants to donate to their own charities.

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Hosting a charity event is a sign that Smith has really matured since winning a title last season with the Cavaliers. Gone are the days where he was known as a controversial player in the league due to his off-court behaviors.

J.R. will enter his 14th season in the league next year. This NBA rumors regarding J.R’s plans to host a golf tour will really benefit the people that he wants to help in the long-run.

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