NBA Rumors: Cavs finally get J.R. Smith back via Kevin Love trade; LeBron James ready to defend title

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PHOTOGRAPH: Erik Drost/Flickr | Cavaliers’ Big 3 -Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

Winning the NBA championship is one thing, but defending it to remain a champion is another. And that is what Kevin Love is preparing himself for.

Kevin Love has been stormed with NBA rumors for months, but it looks like he is back stronger and healthier. He’s been working out hard in the gym, set to prove his worth this season that he really belongs to the Cavs’ big three of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

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Commenting on NBA rumors, on a possible Kevin Love trade that has been marring his focus, in a report by Yahoo! Sports Kevin Love said, “I don’t think [the criticism will] ever leave,” Love said, “but frankly, I don’t really give a s***.”

Instead, he looks set to stay in Cleveland for years to come. It’s a notion that LeBron James likes and supports saying:

“He’s the same Kev to me. Maybe he’s different to you guys because you guys bring up that notion [that he’s uncomfortable in Cleveland]. No one wants to hear that right now.”

“He’s a huge piece to our team, he’s one of our Big Three, and when we all perform well, you see what happens. You see in Game 7 when we all came to play, played at a high level, so we were able to bring that home.”

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But now that Kevin Love seems a solid fixture on the Cavs roster, led by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, a question regarding J.R. Smith still remains unsolved.

J.R. Smith was instrumental to the Cavs championship run against the Warriors but hasn’t re-signed yet after demanding a $15M salary, which the defending champs are having trouble flexing due to the limited cap space.

LeBron James has been pushing the management to get him back, and analysts believe the Cavs will struggle without J.R. Smith.

NBA rumors have a Kevin Love trade out in the works again; one that works for both parties, and would get the Cavs to finally sign J.R. Smith back into their lineup.

A Kevin Love trade to OKC would help them free up some space and meet the demands by J.R. Smith. This way, Kevin would get a fresh start with the Thunder, especially after they lost Kevin Durant. The Cavs would get Victor Oladipo in return, who’s expected to strengthen their defense.

Aside from defense, Victor Oladipo will be a great backup to Kyrie Irving.

Victor Oladipo averaged 16.0 points on top of 4.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game last season.

However pleasing it would sound for the Cavs and LeBron James to choose to pursue a Kevin Love trade to favor J.R. Smith, the NBA rumor doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint.

Victor Oladipo earns $6.5M with OKC for 2016, compared to Kevin Love’s $21.1M, and the whopping discrepancy makes the transaction unfeasible.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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