NBA Rumors: Cavs reunite Dwyane Wade & LeBron James; J.R. Smith replacement?

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J.R. Smith (Photo Courtesy: FirstEnergy Corp/Flickr)

J.R. Smith is a vital part of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ system, and he put in valuable work that has helped the team led by LeBron James win an NBA title last season. But it has been two months now since their incredible triumph over Stephen Curry and the Warriors and he still remains a free agent.

NBA rumors are circulating that J.R. Smith is just taking his time to maximize it to his benefit. He wants contracts similar to NBA players like Jeremy Lin and Timofey Mozgov, knowing he’s been more valuable than them and has put in a lot of work to become a champion.

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J.R. Smith is reportedly asking for a figure close to $15 million and is represented by Rich Paul who also represents LeBron James and Tristan Thompson.

LeBron James recognizes Smith’s value to the team and has been trying to make the Cavaliers get him back. J.R. Smith’s solid three-point shooting helps keep the defense off James, giving him a bit more room to maneuver.

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He acknowledges the need for the Cavs to get J.R. Smith back to defend their title especially with the Warriors upgrading into a super team with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

According to a report by Business Insider LeBron James said, “Let’s get J.R. done. It’s that time.”

In the midst of this contract impasse, with September closing in, NBA rumors are circulating that the Cavs are trying to get Dwyane Wade from the Bulls as a replacement to J.R. Smith’s role.

The rumor may be unlikely, but with the pressure of the Warriors with Stephen Curry and the signing of Kevin Durant, the Cavs are struggling to keep up with their roster and may just do it. But it also means they’d have to sacrifice their current line up due to the salary cap after it signed LeBron James.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James would do well as partners due to their experiences together with the Heat. They’ve both been vocal about reuniting in one team again, and this might be their chance.

But according to a report by Fansided the rumor may not prove to be a wise move for the Cavs as Dwyane Wade may not be fit for J.R. Smith’s role, in fact, he may not be better than him currently in any aspect of the game, and that Dwyane Wade is prone to injury.

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