NBA Rumors: Cavs waiving Mo Williams using stretch provision, ready to give J.R. Smith $15 million per season

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J.R. Smith (Photo Courtesy: FirstEnergy Corp/Flickr)

Mo Williams has been part of the Cleveland Cavaliers who had established the greatest comeback in the NBA Finals history. Sadly, the 13-year NBA veteran is reportedly considering his retirement within this week.

According to Joe Vardon of, Mo Williams is ‘strongly considering retirement’. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be having the chance to use the stretch provision before the deadline on Wednesday (August 31).

“Additionally, the ‘stretch’ deadline in the NBA is approaching, which means that if a player is waived by Aug. 31 (Wednesday), the team can spread his salary out over a period of years — which could lessen the luxury tax penalty Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert will have to pay next summer.” Vardon reported.

Last season, Mo Williams averaged 8.2 points, 2.4 assists, and shot 35 percent from the three-point range. He has become an essential part of recent Cavaliers’ success when Tyronn Lue gave him playing time in Game 6 and 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

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With the nearing retirement of Mo Williams, the Cavaliers will now be having 2016 second-round pick Kay Felder as their backup point guard. Recently, Williams and Felder were seen together in a workout.

Mo Williams was giving instructions to the Cavaliers rookie and seemed like his personally mentoring Felder. Many people took it as a sign that the 33-year-old point guard is nearing his retirement.

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending NBA champions, having solid starters and bench players is a must. Despite some improvement this summer, the Cavaliers lost two of their important bench players – guard Matthew Dellavedova and center Timofey Mozgov.

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Also, the Cavaliers are still not having a free agent deal with shooting guard J.R. Smith, who is reportedly demanding $15 million per season. The nearing retirement of Mo Williams lessens the tax burden of the Cleveland Cavaliers by several million dollars.

Some people believe that this scenario could ease the pain of giving J.R. Smith the salary raise he wants. As the 2016-17 NBA season draws near, the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to complete their roster.

Photo Courtesy: FirstEnergy Corp/Flickr

Video courtesy: Youtube/Rafael Barlowe

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