NBA Rumors: Celtics to offer Jaylen Brown, Nets draft picks for DeMarcus Cousins

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DeMarcus Cousins (Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr)

The Boston Celtics have been linked with many NBA rumors regarding a possible trade for a superstar this offseason. The latest speculations imply that the Celtics might be saving a huge offer involving Jaylen Brown and their prized Brooklyn Nets draft picks to acquire DeMarcus Cousins.

Arthur Hill of Hoops Rumors was asked regarding a possible trade scenario for Boston wherein they acquire Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was also asked if the Celtics should try to sign Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin in free agency next summer.

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Hill answered that NBA rumors in Cleveland suggest that the Cavs are no longer interested in breaking the core of their championship team. He added that Love and Al Horford, who the Celtics signed this offseason, are the same type of player and will leave the team vulnerable in defense.

However, he noted that Boston will hit the jackpot in the draft and possibly draft Harry Giles next year. He even opined that the Celtics might be setting up a huge offer to the Kings in exchange for two-time All-Star center, DeMarcus Cousins.

“Whether it’s Giles or someone else, the Celtics seemed poised to hit the jackpot with the Nets’ picks in the next two drafts. That’s another reason to hold onto Brown and set up a mega-offer for someone like DeMarcus Cousins,” Hill answered.

NBA rumors in Sacramento point out that the Kings will also hold on to Cousins this offseason and look at his partnership with new head coach Dave Joerger. According to Shaun Powell of, the Kings need to trade Cousins as soon as possible since they will lose leverage on teams while also risking losing him in free agency if they wait longer.

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Nevertheless, these are just purely speculative at the moment and nothing has been confirmed. It is expected that the Celtics and Kings rosters are set for training camp but expect a shakeup heading into the February trade deadline.

Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr

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