NBA Rumors: Celtics still looking to pull off blockbuster trades for Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook

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The Boston Celtics have been linked with several big names on the trade market this offseason but no deal has come to fruition. However, the latest NBA rumors suggest that the Celtics are still looking to pull off two blockbuster trades, possibly for Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook.

According to Kevin O’Connor of CSN New England believes that Danny Ainge is planning something big, just like what he did in 2008 when the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves. O’Connor mentioned that restricted free agent Tyler Zeller and 2016 rookies remained unsigned for a reason.

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The report also noted that Zeller is a sign-and-trade candidate for the upcoming blockbuster deal Ainge and the Celtics will try to pull off. Boston also has a handful of other young players and draft picks they can offer.

“Of all the star players whose names have been discussed as options for the Celtics, there’s really only one in which a sign-and-trade for Zeller would actually be necessary. It’s the one no one takes seriously because it sounds so outrageous: The scenario where the Celtics acquire both Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin,” O’Connor wrote.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, pairing Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook is the plan of the Oklahoma City Thunder next offseason. However, there is a slight possibility that the Celtics may pull it off this summer.

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O’Connor pointed out that the Celtics have a good trade history with both Doc Rivers of the LA Clippers and Sam Presti of the OKC Thunder. Nevertheless, the chances of that happening are still very slim but don’t say it will never happen.

Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors this offseason despite many experts and fans saying he will surely stay in Oklahoma City. The Celtics are still in it until they sign Zeller and their rookies.

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