NBA Rumors: Celtics ready to trade first round picks; Set sights on Al Horford

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The Boston Celtics own eight draft picks on Thursday night’s NBA Draft including the third overall pick. It’s highly unlikely that Boston will pick eight rookies, rather they are eyeing to trade some picks to acquire veteran players.

Atlanta Hawks’ center Al Horford is the latest addition in the Celtics radar as he is an unrestricted free agent this 2016 offseason. It looks like Danny Ainge’s patience is going to pay off this time and the Celtics have a real chance to acquire the veteran big man.

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The Lakers, Pistons and the Magic are reportedly making a move to acquire the Atlanta Hawks’ star with Atlanta in an apparent rebuilding mode. Horford was on the trading blocks during February trade deadline, but the Hawks preferred to wait until the free agency before making a move.

Since the Hawks own Horford’s bird rights they can offer him a larger and a longer max deal higher than any other team, according to the CBS Sports. But the Hawks are looking forward to trade their veteran core, and Boston in keen on established stars like Horford. Danny Ainge and company are willing to trade the third overall pick for a veteran NBA star, according to reports.

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Boston owns three first round picks and trading away the picks could yield rich dividends for the Celtics. Recently, they attempted at getting Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz but their trade proposal was denied. Al Horford in free agency could be the big signing the Celtics need this 2016 offseason.

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