NBA Rumors: Chandler Parsons signing with the Portland Trail Blazers make them title contenders

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According to NBA rumors, the Portland Trail Blazers have reportedly offered Chandler Parsons a max deal in 2016 free agency. Is this a good move for the West team trying to improve and becoming legit contenders from the Western Conference?

From the reports, Chandler will be getting a maximum deal worth $94.8 million over four years from the Portland Trail Blazers, one of the rising teams in the West. The value of the contract will pay Parsons about $24 million over the next four years of his NBA career.

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Earlier reports stated that the Dallas Mavericks won’t give Parsons the max deal and will allow him to leave in free agency. Parsons has not signed the Portland deal and will also talk to other teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, according to ESPN.

Does signing Parsons make the Trail Blazers title contenders?

Parsons is a good shooter and has range all the way to the three-point line. The Blazers are already one of the best shooting teams in the league with the presence of point guard Damian Lillard and shooting guard C.J. McCollum, both of whom are great three-point shooters as well.

Portland needs to improve their defense but with the possible addition of Parsons, the Trail Blazers are serious in matching the high-scoring offense of their rivals like Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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However, Parsons has been injury-prone the last season and it remains to be seen if he can stay healthy. If he’s 100% and acquired by the Trail Blazers, Portland will become one of the best offensive teams in the league.

With NBA rumors that they are set to acquire Chandler Parsons, are the Trail Blazers now at the same level of the top teams in the West?

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