NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets reveal bigger plan in re-signing Nic Batum

Nic Batum became the center of controversies after being questioned about his intention to stay with the Charlotte Hornets or play for another franchise next season.

Batum is set to enter the free agency market in the off-season and lots of suitors are expected to keep an eye with the Hornets’ small forward. However, Batum expressed his intention to be back in the Charlotte Hornets saying his team has an “unfinished business”.

“We should be playing tomorrow (in the Eastern Conference semifinals) and we’re pretty mad about that,” Batum said of Sunday’s Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat via The Charlotte Observer.

“So this is unfinished business.”

The Charlotte Hornets were undeniably having their best season in the league so far before falling short with the Miami Heat. The result might become different if Batum was not injured since he was one of the key players in the team.

The Charlotte Hornets is expected to have five free agents on their team including Nic Batum, Courtney Lee, Jeremy Lin, Marvin Williams and Al Jefferson. According to Lakers Nation, Hornets head coach Steve Clifford also said that re-signing Batum was his team’s top priority. Also, Batum said Charlotte will be the first team he will talk to about his upcoming free agency.

If Nic Batum will be signing another contract with the Charlotte Hornets, it will surely break the heart of the NBA teams who are hoping to acquire him in the off-season. However, there is still a chance that re-signing Batum can be part of the Hornets’ plan to trade him for another player since there are many superstars who are expected to leave their team in the off-season.

Still, there are many things that could happen in the summer since most NBA teams are willing to throw tons of money to acquire their desired players. With the potential players in the free agency market and trading block, the 2016 off-season will surely be an exciting event in the NBA.

Photo courtesy: Gina Collecchia/Wikimedia

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