NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh to Dallas Mavericks possible if All-Star PF demands trade

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Chris Bosh (Photo Courtesy: U.S. Embassy Ghana/Flickr)

Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat are in a mess situation that is caused by the All-Star player’s health issues stemming from blood clots. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Dallas Mavericks could be a possible destination for Bosh if he demands a trade from the Heat.

The 32-year-old player has battled with blood clots for the past two seasons but he believes that he is finally healthy to resume his career. However, the Heat organization is very reluctant to let him play and Bosh could take matters into his own hands by asking a trade.

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In the first episode of his self-directed documentary titled “Rebuild,” Chris Bosh revealed that the Heat doctors told him that his career was over. He felt like his own team written him off without doing the best they can to help him continue his playing career.

“Seeing the team doctors, they told me that my season is over, my career is probably over and this just happens, this is just how it is. I felt right away that I was written off,” Bosh said.

One of the possible fallouts of this situation is Chris Bosh demanding a trade. He is applying a great amount of pressure to the Heat, saying that he is more than ready to play. According to Isaac Harris of The Smoking Cuban, Mavericks could be one of the possible destinations for Bosh, who is a Dallas native.

Harris opined that a combination of Deron Williams, Dwight Powell and a draft pick could convince the Heat to part ways with their lone All-Star. Bosh’s value is obviously low due to his age, salary and the fact that his blood clots could come back.

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Nevertheless, these are just NBA rumors at the moments and there is no guarantee if Chris Bosh will demand a trade. But one thing is for sure, Bosh wants to play basketball again and he is ready to prove that he is healthy.

Photo Courtesy: U.S. Embassy Ghana/Flickr

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