NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh not playing for the Heat next season; Retirement could be his best option

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Chris Bosh (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

The Miami Heat just let veteran superstar Dwyane Wade sign with the Chicago Bulls in free agency and they may lose another important player. According to the latest NBA rumors, power forward Chris Bosh may not play next season due to the uncertainty of his health condition.

The 32-year-old has missed a lot of games in the past couple of seasons due to blood clots. The Heat front office is closely monitoring his condition but they want to make sure that Bosh is fully healthy to allow him to play again.

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In a press conference in Miami, team president Pat Riley was unsure about Bosh’s future but he noted that he is very open to letting him play as long as his health issues are gone. He just wants the best for Bosh and the organization.

“It’s always fluid and it always has been. It’s a positive environment right now with Chris and his doctors. I know he wants to play and we would be open to that. Let’s allow this process to move down the road and we’ll go from there,” Riley said, via the Sun-Sentinel.

“I can’t speak medically about this thing. I can only speak from a basketball standpoint. It’s a sensitive, complicated situation,” he added.

According to Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post, Bosh may not be able to play a full 82-game NBA schedule. He noted that the Heat will possibly allow him to just play home games and nearby teams while limiting the long flights.

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But if Bosh never gets cleared from his health condition, he should just retire and enjoy his life with his family. His legacy is already built with two NBA championships and he has nothing else to prove in the league.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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