NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh retiring better for the Miami? Heat not confident of pairing with Hassan Whiteside?

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Chris Bosh (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

NBA rumors continue to surround the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh on how will they go about their future. Bosh wants to play but team doctors have not cleared him to return to the Heat franchise yet because of blood clot problems.

The Heat want to make sure he is 100% healthy and new speculations state that his return won’t be an assurance that the frontcourt is better with his return in playing alongside Hassan Whiteside.

Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel talked about the Bosh-Heat situation in a recent article.

“That is what has made Bosh’s absences all the more frustrating, the fact that we have yet to see Bosh and Whiteside find a way to mesh their games into something beyond their individual skills,” Winderman wrote when asked about the Heat’s style if Bosh returns.

“Is Whiteside-Bosh even an effective mix? At this point, it is difficult to offer much in the way of the affirmative. Now, that doesn’t mean that Erik Spoelstra hasn’t come up with something that will make it more effective than last season. But amid the uncertainty, one has to wonder how far down that road he has gone this offseason.”

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Whiteside signed a huge deal with the Heat this 2016 offseason for $98.1 million for four years. Meanwhile, Bosh signed his huge deal in 2014 in the contract valued at $118.7 million for five years.

Bosh has three years left in his contract and will be paid about $23.7 million in the next three seasons. If Bosh returns, the Heat hope he returns to his star form or they will have an overpaid player in their roster. The big man can retire and the Heat will save some money and reduction in their team salary.

“If Bosh returns, it opens up a variety of possibilities, with the most likely outcome a halfcourt game that has Bosh more often in the mid-post and Whiteside planted closer to the baseline,” Winderman added.

“When you have two quality pieces, there almost always is a way to make it work. If, indeed, you ultimately have those two quality pieces.”

Winderman’s comments will fuel NBA rumors that the Heat are better off without Bosh, both financially and on the court.

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The Heat let go of former franchise player Dwyane Wade, who signed with the Chicago Bulls this summer, and it could be the right time for the team to go with younger players. Whiteside is now the franchise player for the team and Bosh retiring could be the best option for the Heat for the long term.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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