NBA Rumors: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin signing extensions with the Los Angeles Clippers?

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Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Jerseys (Photo Courtesy: Gary Paul Smith/Flickr)

The Los Angeles Clippers are still a top-three team in the Western Conference but they face an uncertain future with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin set to become free agents at the end of the season. However, the latest NBA rumors imply that the dynamic duo will sign contract extensions with the Clippers.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, Clippers head coach and team president Doc Rivers is not interested in trade inquiries for both Paul and Griffin. It is also noted that Rives or the Clippers ownership are not worried about their two superstars walking away next summer.

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Chris Paul has been in Los Angeles for five seasons but he has never made it to the Western Conference Finals. However, he has not made any comments regarding his future but Doc Rivers sounded very confident in his appearance on The Vertical about Paul, as well as Griffin, being a Clipper for life.

“With Steve (Ballmer), I’m extremely confident that we can keep both. You know, listen, winning is the key. I think we’re in a good place. I know both of them have said they want to play here. They want to play for us forever,” Rivers said.

On the other hand, Blake Griffin has been linked with a lot of NBA rumors including a trade to the Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma City Thunder. But Steve Kyler mentioned in his report that Griffin wants to re-sign an extension with the Clippers because he does not want to leave Los Angeles.

“Sources close to Griffin have been adamant that he is planning to re-sign in L.A. and that he’s not open to going anywhere,” Kyler said.

“The Clippers can and likely will offer more money in free agency and with Griffin’s business interests in the L.A. market, the odds of him picking up and walking away are pretty slim,” he added.

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that these are just NBA rumors at the moment. The Clippers should at least be worried and learn from the Thunder franchise that lost Kevin Durant to the Warriors in free agency this offseason.

Photo Courtesy: Gary Paul Smith/Flickr

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