NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks giving up signing Kevin Durant, change targets to DeMarcus Cousins and Ricky Rubio

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Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks (Photo Courtesy: scott mecum/Wikimedia)

NBA rumors and speculations are swirling in the Dallas Mavericks who are now targeting DeMarcus Cousins and Ricky Rubio in the upcoming off-season, according to reports.

The Dallas Mavericks can give up in hoping to sign Durant in free agency after the recent issue involving the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and the Oklahoma City Thunder superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

The issue started when Cuban commented something negative about Westbrook before the Game 5 of the Mavericks and Thunder.

“I think he’s an All-Star but not a superstar,” Cuban said via ESPN pointing out that Durant was the only superstar in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In the postgame interview, the reporter asked Westbrook about Cuban’s statement about him. Durant then defended his team mate calling Cuban an idiot.

Because of this, the Mavericks felt that they had lost their chance in hiring the top free agent in the offseason, changing their targets to another players.

According to other reports, the Dallas Mavericks are the best landing spot for DeMarcus Cousins wherein all the criteria that was said by ESPN Insider David Thorpe was there, including an elite coach, a city big enough to not place Cousins as its local hero and a veteran player like Dirk Nowitzki that can mentor him.

Also, Dallas Mavericks could have a better chance in getting a player like Ricky Rubio since according to Inquisitr, Tom Thibodeau wants to replace Rubio with a more consistent shooter. Rubio might not be a good scorer but he was undeniably a good defender and point guard.

Signing DeMarcus Cousins and Ricky Rubio in the offseason could lead the Dallas Mavericks to a higher level next season.

Photo courtesy: Scott Mecum/Wikimedia

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