NBA Rumors: D’Angelo Russell Lakers not a factor vs Damian Lillard, best guards like Stephen Curry; shoots too much like Kobe Bryant

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D'Angelo Russell Lakers mimicking Stephen Curry, NBA Rumors
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D’Angelo Russell is only in his second year with the NBA, and yet he’s giving off a positive impression by trying to be a young leader for the Lakers. Most notable is his relationship with Brandon Ingram who’s also a budding leader even in his rookie year.

The Lakers are young, and for its roster’s potent leadership quality, NBA rumors say they may have a bright future ahead of them despite losing Kobe Bryant to retirement last season.

Will D’Angelo Russell Lakers be the new face of the team in Kobe Bryant’s absence?

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D’Angelo Russell has been constantly compared to the best guards in the NBA. He’s also been playing alike Stephen Curry, probably in an attempt to duplicate the Warriors type of game under Luke Walton.

Of course, D’Angelo Russell is hardly at the level of Stephen Curry, but he himself has been vocal about their comparison. But the truth is, he feels he’s not even a factor against Damian Lillard, another guard he’s been regularly compared to.

Damian Lillard outshined him performance-wise during their preseason matchup, dropping 30pts. through 3 quarters in their overtime win.

According to Lakers Nation, D’Angelo Russell Lakers said, “Honestly, I don’t know what to do. So, I’ve got to look at film, and ask for a little more guidance.”

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On how he’d fare against Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Rajon Rondo, and the best guards out there. “Last year going into those games, there was no matchup,” D’Angelo Russell said.

“It was, ‘That guard vs. us (the Lakers)’ I wasn’t a factor, I guess, it wasn’t ‘D’Angelo vs. this guard.’ I didn’t do anything but learn from it… Coming into this year, I can compete a little bit more.”

Offensively, he’s been practicing some popular moves by Stephen Curry. But NBA rumors circulate that he may be shooting too much. Could this be a similar issue with Kobe Bryant in his younger years with the team?

A report by SB Nation suggests there may be an issue with his shot selection, and shooting frequency. But of course, being in his second year D’Angelo Russell is way into his learning curve still. But the best thing about D’Angelo Lakers guard thus far is that he’s “coachable.”

Will he be the new face of the Lakers, the budding Kobe Bryant who plays like Stephen Curry? D’Angelo Lakers is young, coachable, and is a good leader with a positive attitude. He also shows he does have style too, sporting a tattoo to honor Muhammad Ali.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/ Flickr

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