NBA Rumors: D’Angelo Russell Lakers version of Stephen Curry: Following Warriors game style with Luke Walton

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D'Angelo Russell Lakers mimicking Stephen Curry, NBA Rumors
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The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off the franchise’ worst record of 21-61. This season also marks the first time they will be playing without Kobe Bryant, who recently retired. Now, not only is D’Angelo Russell touted as their new leader, but also NBA rumors say he may be the Lakers version of Stephen Curry.

The Lakers have been going through a major overhaul, trying to find their place in a league where teams are gearing toward a super team trend, pacing up with the Golden State Warriors.

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In the heart of this Laker transition is the hiring of new coach Luke Walton, who also used to play with them during his younger years. His addition has sparked NBA rumors that, since he last coached with Golden State as assistant to Steve Kerr there is a strong likelihood that the new Lakers will be built up similarly to the Warriors.

Is he building up D’Angelo Russell Lakers to be like Stephen Curry, as NBA rumors suggest?

According to a report by SB Nation D’Angelo Russell has been mimicking Stephen Curry in practice. Among his favorite Curry-move, was his behind-the-back dribble move for a bucket.

The Laker point guard has been enamored with Stephen Curry ‘s game since his onset in the NBA, and he’s been learning a lot from Luke Walton, specifically about how Stephen Curry plays, how he trains, or how he gets his shots.

“I see a great resemblance,” D’Angelo Russell Lakers said, comparing himself with the Warriors star player. “His ball-handling is off the charts. His shot selection is similar to mine. But his work ethic to get him to where he’s at is similar to mine.”

Will the Lakers be playing much like the Warriors with Luke Walton on the helm?

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Their first appearance in the preseason didn’t show that similarity at all, but the Lakers are trying to learn from their mistakes. Russell believes things will get better over time, especially with Brandon Ingram, a rookie who looks to share the leadership for the team.

“It’s gonna get easier. The more you start to trust the system and relax, it’ll get easier. His leash will get longer as far as what he can do to help better himself. He’s going to realize where he can get his shots, what he can get away with in this league.” D’Angelo Russell said of Brandon Ingram in a report by the LA Times.

On his development, and that of Stephen Curry, Russell added, “He didn’t come into the league the way he is playing now. He took some time to become the player he developed to be.”

At the age of 20, and entering only his 2nd NBA season, D’Angelo Russell has so much time to be like Stephen Curry. But here’s hoping he develops his own game personality.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/ Flickr

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