NBA Rumors: D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young awkward after Brandon Jennings comment

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NBA Rumors, D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young
NBA rumors, D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young awkward after Brandon Jennings comment, D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young

D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young, along with the young Lakers team have a good reason to play well this season, and it shows. Despite entering the season for the first time without their legendary teammate Kobe Bryant the Lakers, with Luke Walton, seem to be in strides this year as they look to make it to the post-season.

Luke Walton has incorporated many of the lessons he’s learned from working with Steve Kerr and the highly successful Golden State Warriors. The Lakers’ ball movement has improved well so far with everyone in the team given a fair share to score and perform as one.

It seems years ago that D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young once had a rift, when in fact, it was just the previous season. Both are doing well, with Nick Young doing more consistently on defense, and D’Angelo Russell taking advantage of his youthful experience and taking it to the next level.

Will they be able to perform day after day with a much-needed consistency? NBA Rumors speculate.

Enter Brandon Jennings.

According to a report by the New York Post Brandon Jennings, in an interview, gave his two-cents on D’Angelo Russell, among other things.

“Dude is a Great Hooper,” Brandon Jennings replied on the question of Russell possibly becoming an all-star player. “But I don’t respect a snitch.”

NBA rumors say the interview has revived some awkwardness between D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young, but both seem past the whole issue by now.

It doesn’t seem like the whole annoyances between them will affect their relationship at this point, especially that they are now more focused with winning and improving their careers, as NBA Rumors go.

D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young had ill feelings in the past as the latter shared a video of Nick Young confessing to cheating on ex-gf Iggy Azalea.

Both players have openly dismissed their issues in the past and have committed themselves to playing for the betterment of the team.

D’Angelo Russell has been working hard on his range, isolation-play, post-Kobe era, and NBA Rumors say it’s a strong semblance to Stephen Curry’s, while Nick Young remains a great defensive player, and continues to be consistent from outside shooting.

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