NBA Rumors: D’Angelo Russell trade, the new Kobe Bryant; Greg Monroe Lakers stint with Jabari Parker not happening

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D'Angelo Russell Lakers mimicking Stephen Curry, NBA Rumors
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The Los Angeles Lakers have had a rough season to say the least, and it goes beyond horrible numbers. Apart from their 17-65 record, which is the worst in franchise history, they were marred with injuries, and it marked the end of the Kobe Bryant era.

One bright spot for the team was the drafting of point guard D’Angelo Russell.

Despite of the high expectations put on D’Angelo Russell’s shoulders, the rookie from Ohio State did not break down under pressure, nor did he make a break out performance either.

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D’Angelo Russell had a good season, which is great because it means he passing his learning curve quick under the circumstances. But will he be the new face of the Lakers, replacing the legendary Kobe Bryant?

According to a report by Lakers Nation D’Angelo Russell said, “You can’t just replace a high caliber player just like that, it chooses you.”

Anyone of them can be the new face of the Lakers, especially with the entry of rookie Brandon Ingram with whom the point guard seems to take a liking, and bodes well to their tandem.

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D’Angelo Russell has shown great leadership thus far, and because he is young and has tremendous potential he is also a likely target for NBA rumors.

One of the latest NBA rumors to hit the basketball sphere was a D’Angelo Russell trade to the Bucks.

Surely, teams around the league would like to get hold of the young star, and this D’Angelo Russell trade supposedly gives Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe to the Lakers.

It sounds intriguing, but why would Los Angeles give up its future star for a Greg Monroe Lakers big man position along with Jabari Parker? The two would only close down the driving lanes, create a logjam, and simply doesn’t make much sense.

The D’Angelo Russell trade would cross the boundaries of salary cap restrictions, basing on team salary cap figures.

Whether Russell becomes a Kobe Bryant replacement or not, the Lakers need to hold on with their talents, and see through their growth and maturity. It needs to rebound badly and get themselves back into their winning ways, and land a berth in the playoffs.

Like D’Angelo Russell mentioned, with new players, young talents around it’s no longer about Kobe Bryant. The Lakers storyline has changed.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/ Flickr

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