NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to Celtics? Possible deal that might bring ‘Boogie’ to Boston

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DeMarcus Cousins (Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr)

The Boston Celtics have been linked with many NBA rumors this offseason as they are looking for a third star to make them legitimate title contenders. One possible target for the Celtics is Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins but what kind of deal will they have to make to bring him to Boston?

In a recent interview appearance on Larry H. Russell’s Celtics Beat podcast last Sunday, Celtics director of player personnel addressed the NBA rumors. He mentioned that they were aggressive in their pursuit of a third star but they were unwilling to give up some of their best young players.

“We were aggressive in trade talks but those depend on price. We were just trying to make the best decisions we can,” Ainge said.

“It’s hard to improve via trade on the guys we have. You can’t just go pick up guys better than Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder — they usually aren’t available. We feel good about our players,” he added.

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On the other hand, the Sacramento Kings have two years before DeMarcus Cousins hit free agency. They will likely test their All-Star center this season if he can get along with new head coach Dave Joerger. If it does not work, expect more NBA rumors to swirl around Cousins.

The Celtics have the best chance to acquire the talented big man out of Kentucky. They have the right players to convince the Kings to part ways with Cousins. Sacrament needs a point guard (Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley or Terry Rozier) and a swingman (Jae Crowder, R.J. Hunter or James Young).

Based on the comments by Austin Ainge, Boston will not part ways with Smart, Crowder, Bradley or Thomas. Out of those four, Bradley is the most likely trade candidate and the Celtics could add Rozier and Young to a deal for Cousins. Also, Jonas Jerebko should be added to balance out the salaries, per ESPN Trade Machine.

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Boston has to throw in one of the Nets’ first-round pick to sweeten the deal with the Kings probably preferring the one for 2017. Next year’s draft class is one of the deepest in recent memory and it is the perfect draft for a rebuilding Sacramento franchise. Here is what a Celtics-Kings deal for Cousins would look like:

  • CELTICS ACQUIRE: C DeMarcus Cousins
  • KINGS ACQUIRE: PG Avery Bradley, PG Terry Rozier, SG James Young, PF Jonas Jerebko and 2017 First Round Pick (Brooklyn Nets)

It should be noted that these are just NBA rumors but the Celtics have confirmed that they were discussing big trades with the other teams. Give your thoughts below if you think the Celtics should trade for Cousins or if the deal suggested is good for both teams.

Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr

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