NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins trade out of Sacramento should happen due to big man’s bad attitude says Kings’ announcer

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DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings (Photo Courtesy Scott Mecum:Wikimedia Commons)

DeMarcus Cousins’ stint with the Sacramento Kings could really be over by the end of the 2015-2016 NBA Season after a respected local broadcast team member, Grant Napear burned the big man for his bad attitude on the latter’s radio show speculating new NBA rumors that Cousins will be out of Sacramento soon.

“I said two years ago that enough was enough, I said it last year that enough was enough, and I’m [going to] say it again, alright? It’s just absolutely disgraceful that a 25-year-old professional athlete has no respect for authority at all. He has ZERO respect for authority,” Napear said in his radio show and a just a part of long rant against the Kings’ franchise player, who has already been involved in lots of NBA rumors since joining the team.

“The Kings are [going to] have another bad season this year, and in my opinion, [Cousins] is largely responsible for it. He’s largely responsible for it because his teammates just flat out get sick of it,” Napear added.

“[Cousins’ Kings teammates] don’t want to deal with it. He sucks the air out of the locker room. Disrespectful to your superiors, disrespectful to authoritative figures, it’s flat-out wrong.”

Napear is well-respected in the Sacramento community as a broadcaster covering Kings’ games since 1988.

The speculation is that being a member of the Kings’ broadcast team, Napear’s thoughts is the same as that of the Kings’ management although there is no chance that the Sacramento brass will confirm that or the NBA rumors that they will be shopping Cousins in the offseason.

Napear mentioned many times in his rant that his thoughts about Cousins is his own opinion and not that of the Kings.

Cousins was recently suspended by the Kings after another controversial confrontation with own head coach George Karl.

With Cousins leading the way, the Kings have again struggled this season and has 25 wins against 40 losses so far this year, 11th place in the Western Conference.

Cousins was involved in a lot of NBA rumors leading up to this season’s NBA trade deadline but the Kings decided not to trade him. Among the teams reportedly interested are the Boston Celtics but it’s likely that other teams will also target Cousins if he’s available for NBA trades after the season.

Photo Courtesy: Scott Mecum/Wikimedia Commons

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