NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins will prove doubters wrong next season; Vlade Divac claims

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DeMarcus Cousins leaving Kings in 2018?
If the Sacramento Kings think that DeMarcus Cousins is staying for a while, many analysts say then they are dead wrong. Rumors are swirling that Cousins will leave the Kings when he hits free agency by 2018.

The NBA Rumors about DeMarcus Cousins being traded by the Sacramento Kings due to his personality are farfetched ideas right now. These NBA rumors regarding the player were recently downplayed by the Kings’ General Manager (GM) Vlade Divac.

After Cousins’ Rio Olympics stint with the USA national team, Divac only heaped praises for the big man.

“Boogie played well, he’s a very talented kid. Hopefully, he can bring that positive attitude that he had here to Sacramento next year,” the Kings’ GM said during an interview with the Boston Globe.

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The GM also had a stint in the Olympics during his playing career for the Serbian national team before. Divac added that Cousins’ recent international play would help him become a better player.

“[The Olympics] helps international guys but it also helps NBA guys,” the Serbian stated.

It is understandable for Divac to compliment his player so that he will be motivated for the team next season. But the Kings’ GM also blasted those people that are doubting Cousins’ personality.

“For the media and people outside, they’re always questioning him. I don’t know why because people change and he changed a lot the past couple of years since I’ve been over there,” Divac added.

Those statements that Divac uttered are pointing to Cousins being their number one priority in the franchise.

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The relationship between Cousins and the Kings didn’t have a good start this offseason. This is because of the player’s bashing on the decisions made by the team in this year’s NBA draft.

But it seemed like the two sides are starting to understand each other based on a recent report. This is important for them to be on the same side so that they could have a successful campaign next season.

Cousins is just 26-years-old, and he could still improve by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

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