NBA Rumors: Denver Nuggets to trade Kenneth Faried and Gary Harris for Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap
Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Denver Nuggets who are reportedly trading Kenneth Faried and Gary Harris for Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks.

Paul Millsap has been involved in various trade rumors this offseason. The rumors started in the 2016 NBA draft where the Toronto Raptors were reportedly interested in the 31-year-old power forward. However, the Raptors’ offer was not enough to close the deal.

In the recent free agency, the Atlanta Hawks did their best to re-sign center Al Horford. They tried to trade Paul Millsap to create enough salary cap space for Horford. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old center chose to sign with the Boston Celtics.

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Paul Millsap has a player option on his contract and can exercise the ability to opt out next season. Trading him will be one of the best options if the Hawks do not want to end up like the Oklahoma City Thunder. Recalling in the recent free agency, the Thunder did everything they could to re-sign Kevin Durant but he still chose the Warriors.

There are rumors that the Denver Nuggets are also interested in trading for Paul Millsap. Ryan Mccabe of Nugg Love suggested that the Nuggets should trade Kenneth Faried, Gary Harris, and the rights to Nikola Radicevic for Paul Millsap.

Faried would be a better frontcourt partner for Dwight Howard than Millsap. Howard decided to leave the Houston Rockets because of having a dispute with James Harden regarding being the main focus on the offensive end. It is clear that the Millsap-Howard frontcourt tandem will not work out well with the Hawks.

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Paul Millsap has created a good relationship with Jeff Teague and Al Horford. However, now that both of them are out of the team, Millsap’s desire to stay with the Hawks is questionable. There are speculations that the Denver Nuggets will be pursuing Russell Westbrook in the 2017 NBA free agency.

If they succeeded to acquire an All-Star caliber like Paul Millsap, they will surely have a higher chance to lure the Thunder superstar.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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