NBA Rumors: Doc Rivers regrets leaving ‘rising’ Boston Celtics for ‘stagnant’ LA Clippers?

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Doc Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers will be facing a tough decision in the upcoming offseason as three of their starters, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and J.J. Redick, will become free agents. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics, Rivers’ former team, are currently battling against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals, an achievement the Clippers never reach in their entire franchise history. Did Rivers regret leaving Boston for the Clippers?

Doc Rivers should have stayed in Boston

Doc Rivers coached the Celtics for nine seasons where he led them to two NBA Finals appearances and won an NBA championship title. In the 2013 offseason, Rivers decided to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, who sent an unprotected first-round pick in return. Rivers’ departure also marked the end of “Big Three” era in Boston.

The Celtics traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets for multiple first-round picks. After a year of rebuilding the team, the Celtics became a playoff contender once again and returned to the Eastern Conference Finals. While his former team continues to rise to the top, the Clippers are still the team who’s unable to compete in the Western Conference Finals.

Doc Rivers no regrets with decision to leave the Celtics

As of now, there is no doubt that the Celtics are in a better situation than the Clippers. Boston owns the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, giving them the opportunity to add another talented player on their team this summer. With the current situation, some people can’t help but ask if Doc Rivers regrets leaving the Celtics for the Clippers.

“I can tell you I’ve given that like zero thought, and I’m being completely honest with you,” Rivers said. “To me, I had an amazing nine-year ride in Boston, and I’m so thankful for that, but I’m not greedy. . . . I guess we all are in life, but I don’t look at it in those terms. I really haven’t. Everything would be neat. (Expletive), it would be neat to be the coach of Golden State right now, you know what I mean? But I’m not, and I’m very happy with where I am. I don’t look back like that at things.”

Rivers has a strong belief that the Clippers have the ability to contend for the title. Aside from re-signing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, there are speculations that the Clippers will trade for Carmelo Anthony this summer. The Clippers really need to improve their current roster if they want to give the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers a tough battle next season.

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