NBA Rumors: Draft rigged for Philadelphia 76ers; Dikembe Mutombo deletes evidence, tweet

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The Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday getting the No. 1 pick in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft and will have the chance to draft top prospects Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram. However, controversy and NBA rumors surrounded the results after former NBA player Dikembe Mutombo tweeted a congratulatory message to the Sixers for getting the top pick hours before the actual lottery.

Mutombo has since deleted the tweet that read, “Congrats to @Sixers on grabbing the #1 spot in the #NBADraft,” a post that started the NBA rumors that the draft is rigged for the Sixers.

Via USA Today, it’s now revealed that the Sixers management asked the former NBA player to tweet about the Sixers’ pick if they win the lottery.

“As you know tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery and we are all excited and hopeful we walk away with the #1 overall pick. To help create excitement for the team, would it be possible for you (or whoever controls your account) to post a congratulatory tweet in the event we do get the #1 Overall Pick? I know you have ties to many teams, but none of which would be in the running for the #1 pick this year,” the email by the Sixers to Mutombo read.

Mutombo owned up to his mistake in another tweet.

Are the NBA rumors true that the NBA lottery is rigged? Did the NBA rig the draft for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@officialmutombo

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