NBA Rumors: Draymond Green suspension intentional for ESPN extra income

Draymond Green

Draymond Green was recently suspended after hitting LeBron James’ private part on Game 5. However, rumors say the NBA League decided to suspend him to prolong series, thereby increasing the income of ESPN.

Sudden news regarding Green’s suspension became the latest NBA conspiracy and dark history records. Fans speculate on the true reason behind Golden State Warriors’ forward suspension revealed. 

The Ringer explained Green’s surprising suspension during the last game which was compared to Michael Jordan’s rumored crippling gambling addiction and league-mandated exile and Drik Nowitzki’s foul against Dwayne Wade in 2006. The source said these kinds of events were truly intentional by the NBA to manipulate the game outcomes to either to prolong the season or to allow their bet to win.

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Surprisingly, one of the NBA fans mentioned that Green’s suspension would be the best option to prolong the game to allow the network to earn extra income.

Edward Litchy noted in the comments, “ESPN is the winner. They have a fixed license fee for the Finals, so every extra game is big $$$. I’m sure there was a call or two from Bristol to Fifth Avenue.”

Former NBA referee Tom Donaghy also commented on the questionable suspension during the playoffs. He said if he was qualified for that decision, he could have been suspended from the previous game and unable to play all throughout the playoffs.

“I think when you look at the overt acts that Green has committed before, they were definitely more severe than this act, and yet he’s going to end up with a flagrant foul and suspension because of it,” he said.

Donaghy added, “In the past, I believe it was disregarded because [the Warriors] were down in the series. Here, they’re up in the series, so I think it’s a situation where, with that, it gives Cleveland a better chance of prolonging the series.”

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In response to the league’s interruption, Draymond Green promised he would not put the team into a compromising situation. “I have to be better, and not put myself in the position to where it is a decision (for the NBA), where there is an investigation,” he cited.

Green added, “I have to be better for my teammates, as a leader of this team. I can’t put myself in a position to where I can’t be there for my teammates on the floor. I do my teammates no justice in street clothes.”

“I owe it to my teammates to come back and give all that I have, all that I can do to better this situation,” he continued.

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