NBA Rumors: Dwyane Wade joins LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers, rejects Miami Heat’s $40M offer

Dwayne Wade joins LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers
Dwayne Wade joins LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers and reportedly rejects Miami Heat’s $40 million 2-year deal. He could land in Denver Nuggets, Chicago Bulls, & Milwaukee Bucks.

Dwyane Wade will join LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to the widespread NBA rumors recently. Other teams might be on his list but there is a great possibility that he will choose the Cavs.

The Miami Heat’s shooting guard reportedly rejected Miami’s $40 million two-year deal. Various sources mentioned that Wade has not been in good terms with the team management and he has clear reasons behind it.

According to the Miami Herald, Wade possibly felt neglected and not prioritized again this offseason. The report hinted that this experience has not been the first time within the Miami Heat management as he also had a contract dispute with the team last year.

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In addition, the report claims that Wade has just been patient while seeing the team securing Hassan Whiteside and trying to get Kevin Durant in Heat. However, Durant landed to Warriors.

According to reports, Wade a two-year deal at $50 million. These being said, it is possible that Dwayne Wade might join LeBron James with Cleveland Cavaliers in the next NBA season. It might not happen that soon, but this option is clearly open.

Cons of Wade’s joining is also cited. It’s possible to cut LeBron James’ salary to accommodate Wade’s offer.

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In related free agency news, Dwyane Wade has three more options apart from a possible Cleveland Cavaliers stint. AOL reported that there are other team like the Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Chicago Bulls open for Wade’s talks.

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