NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard eyeing a max $30 million contract per season

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Dwight Howard (Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Wikimedia)

Will Dwight Howard decline his players option with the Houston Rockets to hit free agency  this offseason? Howard says he is still undecided on this issue, but the experts say he will.

“I haven’t made any decision,” Howard said Tuesday night on TNT. “My job is to get in the gym and work my butt off.”

Why Howard remains tight-lipped about his future?

Firstly, the Rockets’ star wants to gauge the offers pitched for him in free agency. His relationship with James Harden soured over time. Howard has a player’s option worth $23 million with the Rockets and he is expected to decline that. Howard could sign a max contract worth $30 million per season as the salary cap space is set to increase this season. And experts feel that he’s eyeing such a deal.

Moreover Howard has a reputation of not taking the game seriously. He was asked by Charles Barkley on this issue:

“I’m always interested in winning,” Howard said, as reported by the Real GM. “But as a big, you want to feel a part of what’s going on, and you know, if I could bring the ball up the court, shoot 3s and go between the legs, do all that stuff, that’d be great. But I have to rely on my teammates in certain aspects to get the ball. Now there have been times I have been upset and I’ve taken myself out of the game in certain situations, and that’s on me.”

“And I have to grow and became a better player. So I’m always interested in the game, and I’ve had the problem with smiling too much or I play too much on the floor, so when I’m not smiling and all that stuff, it looks like I’m not interested in the game. So it’s like a thin line, and I’m like, ‘Man, do I not smile? Or do I smile and have fun?’ So that’s always been a struggle for me personally.”

Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Wikimedia

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