NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard heading back to Orlando Magic in the off-season

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard who is said to be returning to his former team Orlando Magic.

Dwight Howard’s transfer rumors became more aggressive after the Houston Rockets disappointing loss against the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. The Warriors managed to defeat the Rockets, despite not having the MVP, Stephen Curry, in their lineup due to injury. Interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff called the Rockets a ‘broken team’ for the reason of having a lack of chemistry each time they played.

The Houston Rockets superstars James Harden and Dwight Howard were having a dispute over who will be the main focus of the team on the offensive end. Though Harden was the one in charge of the position, Howard insisted that he should be the one receiving the ball more often. This leads to a poor team performance that cost them to lose several games.

SB Nation believes that Dwight Howard will be heading back to his former team Orlando Magic when he becomes the free agent. It is undeniable that Howard’s basketball career blossom when he was in Orlando. He used to be the most dominant center back then. However, things started to change when he steps out of the Magic and joined other teams.

According to Calvin Watkins of ESPN, the Houston Rockets plan in the off-season will be to hire a new coach where James Harden will help in the search. However, they have not given any role to Howard and expected him to seek a new team in the summer.

“The Rockets will have a comprehensive list of coaches to view whenever the season ends. Bickerstaff, who remains in good standing with management, will be part of that conversation. Alexander and Morey believe that Harden will play a role in helping to hire a coach and potentially sign free agents.”

“Howard is not expected to have a role. It’s expected that he will become a free agent and seek a new team. Orlando, Milwaukee, Portland and Charlotte are the favorites.”

Howard’s game performance in the past seasons has undeniably gone down. However, when he returns to Orlando Magic, there is a higher possibility that he can bring back his game when he was in his prime. If the Magic will consider to sign him in the off-season, they should hire a coach that can unleash the full potential of one of the most dominant big man in the league.

There are speculations that the Houston Rockets are targeting Al Horford in the free agency market as Howard’s replacement. If this turns to be real, there is a higher possibility that Dwight Howard will be wearing a different jersey next season.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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