NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard heading back to Orlando Magic, says he can be dominant again

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the 6-foot-11 center Dwight Howard who is reportedly declining his $23.2 million player option in the Houston Rockets to return to the Orlando Magic this summer.

Dwight Howard became part of various rumors in the middle of the 2015-16 NBA season. His performance has tremendously gone down when he decided to leave the Orlando Magic and join the Los Angeles Lakers. His struggle continued with Houston Rockets where he was reportedly having a dispute with his teammate James Harden about being the focus on the offensive end.

Dwight Howard expressed his disappointment for the Rockets management and said that he wanted to be dominant again. On the other hand, the Orlando Magic are currently in need of a superstar. However, their current status makes them questionable to attract superstar free agents.

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According to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, the Dwight Howard-Orlando Magic reunion will benefit both parties. Everyone knows that Howard’s career blossoms in his rookie year with the Magic. Also, having new head coach Frank Vogel in Orlando can be a huge factor on why they should consider signing Howard again.

Frank Vogel is known for developing big men into superstars and Roy Hibbert is the living proof. Vogel can be the main key to reviving Howard’s career and at the same time making the Orlando Magic back to title contention.

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Dwight Howard might be having court issues with his past teams but he has proven to be a dominant player under the basket. On a report from USA Today Sports, Howard finds himself longing for the days when things were different.

“Since I’ve been in the NBA, especially when we (were) in Orlando and (then-coach) Stan (Van Gundy) got there, he made a big emphasis on playing inside-out, and really just playing a bully-type style of basketball,” said Howard, who plans on declining his $23.2 million player option for next season. “And we did pick and rolls too, so it was kind of like a mixture. That’s what threw teams off. It wasn’t (just) me getting post-ups so I can always score, but it was doing that to free up our shooters, to give them more space (and) to really shoot the ball.

“I feel like that’s a very successful way of playing.”

Dwight Howard believes he can be dominant again. He believes that a return to the Orlando Magic can make his career blossom and revive the Howard that once created an impact in the league. However, the decision is still in the Orlando Magic’s hand if they will consider signing their former center.

Photo courtesy: Mike/Wikimedia Commons

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