NBA Rumors: Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo will sabotage Jimmy Butler’s career, force Fred Hoiberg out of the team – ESPN analysts

Jimmy Butler
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The Chicago Bulls are one of the NBA teams who succeeded to improve their roster this summer. However, it remains questionable on how Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo fit in a Jimmy Butler team. Will the Bulls miss the playoffs again?

The 2015-16 NBA season marked the end of the Chicago Bulls’ seven-straight playoff appearances, leading them to undergo a rebuilding process. The past years were a disaster for the Bulls after their key players Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah frequently suffered injuries.

In June, the Bulls decided to engage in a trade deal with the New York Knicks involving Rose and Brook Lopez. The Bulls immediately found a replacement point guard in the recent free agency when Rajon Rondo chose to play in Chicago. To everyone surprise, Dwyane Wade ended his relationship with the Heat and decided to join the Bulls.

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On paper, the acquisition of Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade will definitely bolster the Bulls. However, some people said that the ‘Three Alphas’ will be having a hard time playing together in one team.

“The pieces don’t seem to fit whatsoever. Everyone talks about the offense where now you’ve got—with Wade, Rondo, and Jimmy Butler—three guys, none of whom are great catch-and-shoot guys—Butler’s maybe okay in that role—but all of them want the ball in their hands, they play best with the ball in their hands. Wade can be valuable as a cutter but that’s probably going to wane as he gets older.” Kevin Felton of ESPN said.

Another ESPN analysts, Amir Elhassan, believed that this could be the Bulls’ management plan to kick coach Fred Hoiberg out of the team. If the Bulls struggle next season, there is a higher possibility that this will be Hoiberg’s last season in Chicago.

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ESPN’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss said that the Bulls are trying to sabotage Jimmy Butler’s career. As everyone knows, Wade and Rondo are more effective when the ball is in their hands like Butler. Also, the two superstars have poor three-point shooting.

Despite the doubts, coach Fred Hoiberg remains optimistic regarding the Bulls’ future next season. Hoiberg said that great players will always find a way to fit together in one team.

“That’s what coaching is all about,” he said. “Figuring what the best system is based on your talent. When I was (coaching at Iowa State), I had a lot of fifth-year transfer kids and guys who were in there for one year. The big thing is to make the style fit the personnel. I played a different style pretty much every year, at least the first three.”

“It’s about molding your system and philosophy to who’s going to be on the floor and hopefully play unselfishly. It’s still predicated on ball movement. And, again, if you have multiple playmakers, that helps everybody.” Hoiberg added.

In the ESPN Summer Forecast, the Chicago Bulls are predicted to finish 9th in the Eastern Conference mainly pointing out that the combination of the ‘Three Alphas’ is not fitted in the modern NBA. In the nearing 2016-17 NBA season, Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, and Rajon Rondo will be having the chance to prove their doubters wrong.

Photo courtesy: @JimmyButler/Twitter

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