NBA Rumors: Ex-adult star Lisa Ann says NBA players are taken advantage of, blackmailed for their sex trysts

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Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Lisa Ann, a former adult superstar revealed that a lot of National Basketball Association (NBA) players are being “hustled” by some of the other adult stars in the business.

Lisa Ann, who is known as Lisa Ann Corpora in real life, wrote for complex.com and shared her thoughts about NBA players being “blackmailed” by some of the ladies they have an affair with during their respective NBA careers.

“My guess is a minimum of 25 percent of NBA players have dealt with blackmail at some point in their career,” Lisa Ann wrote in his article titled “Lisa Ann Presents: 5 Ways NBA Players Can Avoid Being Hustled.”

“I’ve heard girls brag about long-term hustles where they have a player paying their rent and expenses just to keep them quiet and out of their family life.”

Lisa Ann continued in her article on why he thinks NBA players are prone to such affairs saying that there is “a lot of responsibility for someone that age” referring to the young NBA players who enter the league and who are already multi-millionaire at such a young age.

Lisa Ann’s five advices for NBA player include No. 1, to stop having “new friends” as others might take advantage of their fame and fortune and No. 2, to use condoms as some of the ladies even try to poke “small holes in condoms to try to have their NBA baby.”

Lisa Ann is a self-confessed NBA fan and said she was a basketball fan even before she became an adult star.

It appears she has a real concern for young NBA players who might be taken advantage with by some of the ladies in her former line of business.

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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