NBA Rumors: Forget Chris Paul & Blake Griffin trade, super team build up & learning from Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce

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Chris Paul and Blake Griffin trade
NBA rumors on Blake Griffin trade,

NBA rumors have been circulating over the past months regarding a possible Chris Paul and Blake Griffin trade from L.A. But coach Doc Rivers have been a hunter at shooting down all these conjectures; avidly protecting his team’s empirical build up, and now they seem stronger than ever.

NBA rumors have recently placed the talented point guard Chris Paul on the trading block with the Boston Celtics as a potential destination. Perhaps more active on the rumor mill has been a Blake Griffin trade to New York, so he could team up with Carmelo Anthony.

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But according to a report by CBS the Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer is bent on re-signing the Clippers stars at any cost. And it’s not just some talk either, as money should not be the problem.

The Clippers have been one of the stronger teams in the league, making it consistently to the playoffs in five seasons, only to stumble at crucial points, especially against OKC and Houston in 2014 and 2015.

“It always takes a little bit of luck,” Chris Paul said, according to a Bleacher Report. “We’re going to do our part, push our guys and we’re going to give it our best shot.”

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, along with DeAndre Jordan, to complete the team’s power trio, know that they are on the cusp of having a stronger season. After years of playing together, they’ve proven their chemistry works despite their losses; they know they have something going for them.

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The Clippers have become stronger with the addition of veteran Paul Pierce, too, with whom coach Doc Rivers believes their young talents could learn a thing or two from his “bag of tricks.”

Apart from Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett has been enthusiastic about helping out the Clippers, and went to work with Blake Griffin. He has an open invitation to work with the team since he has a close relationship with Doc Rivers, and he has a home in Malibu.

It would be a waste for Chris Paul or Blake Griffin to give up now when they are so close to becoming the team they’ve worked hard to be. How far have they gone with the Clippers?

“I think we have a super team here.” Paul Pierce said. And Doc Rivers backs it up saying, “I know history very well in this league, and there’s been a lot of super teams put together.”

“I think we can play with anybody, and we don’t feel like there’s a gap.”

A Blake Griffin trade has been tempted by too many offers in the league. We knew he’s been working a lot on his range, and now he’s even stepping it up from the 3-point range.

This improvement will eventually change the offensive game of the Clippers, and make him a more valuable piece. The Clippers core is still intact, but they now have youthful acquisitions to make them stronger than ever. No wonder Rivers says he may stay for as long as he wants, and that goes for Chris Paul too.

It certainly seems that for now a Chris Paul or Blake Griffin trade is out of the picture. Griffin has been benefitting a lot from the entertainment industry, too, and Paul with his entrepreneurial visions in place. Why move?

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