NBA Rumors: Frank Vogel named as the new Memphis Grizzlies head coach

Rumors and speculations are now swirling with Memphis Grizzlies who are reportedly hiring former Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel to mentor their team in the next season.

While the 2015-16 NBA season nearing to an end, four teams, including the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, are currently battling to grab the championship title. However, the rest of the NBA teams are undergoing a rebuilding process to set up a more competitive team, including the Memphis Grizzlies who are currently searching for their new head coach.

The Memphis Grizzlies fired coach Dave Joerger after being unable to bring the team to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs. Many were surprised with the Grizzlies management decision since Joerger still manages to bring the team to the playoffs despite not having two-star players, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, due to injury.

One of the candidates who have topped the list for the head coach vacancy is the former Indiana Pacers Frank Vogel. Vogel was fired by the Pacers after president Larry Bird realized that Vogel was not the type of coach that can execute his preferred system for the team. Since Vogel was fired, lots of suitors are lining up to get the service of the veteran coach.

The Memphis Grizzlies will be making a good decision hiring Frank Vogel. Vogel is known for a defense-first mentality. Also, his NBA record, especially when he was still in the Pacers, is undeniably outstanding. Having 250 wins and 5 playoff appearances in his six seasons with the Pacers will really be a good factor for Grizzlies since they are targeting to reach a higher level next season.

However, Vogel needs to ensure that Mike Conley will re-sign with the Grizzlies in the off-season when he becomes a free agent. Vogel’s ability to develop big man like Roy Hibbert will be an advantage once he handles Marc Gasol.

With Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace’s relation with Vogel, there is a higher possibility that he will sign with the team as the new head coach.

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