NBA Rumors: Goran Dragic trade updates, Hassan Whiteside issues; Heat leadership post Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh

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Goran Dragic trade
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Things may have not turned out the way he expected it, but Goran Dragic says he’s ready to take over the helm for the troubled Miami Heat.

But does the 30-year-old point guard has what it takes to guide the team that’s struggling to cope with successive losses of its top stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh?

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Goran Dragic may have been dreaming of a chance to prove himself, testing his capabilities when he first joined the team in 2015. But the situation now isn’t what enticed him in the first place.

The Miami Heat lost Dwyane Wade to the Bulls, and earlier this week their superstar forward Chris Bosh was denied a clearance to make a comeback this upcoming season.

It’s a situation that could call for Chris’ possible retirement, although Chris Bosh has stubbornly maintained his desire to return to the game in one way or another.

“When you have D-Wade next to you or C.B., they can take the game in their hands. Now, probably, it’s going to be a bit different. We’re going to see how [coach Erik Spoelstra] puts the system in.” Goran Dragic said in a report by the Miami Herald.

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Erik Spoelstra looks to bring in the vitality of youth to their team that can “run all day” and focus on defensive strategy a lot. He wants to stay positive and talks about embracing change and keeping its goal of winning regardless of the players listed on the Heat’s roster.

“I already felt great last year in the middle of the season, and even this year I’m in way better than shape than I was last year,” Goran Dragic said. “I was playing all summer. I’m ready.”

His veteran leadership will be tested now that he’s the next in line with Dwyane Wade gone, and Chris Bosh possibly never returning.

A Goran Dragic trade was in circles, as there seems to be a slight chemistry issue between him and Hassan Whiteside. NBA rumors have him traded to the Cavs in replacement for J.R. Smith.

NBA rumors are ongoing that J.R. Smith is adamant on a $15 million salary, and is in a negotiation standoff, as the Cavs are only willing to give around $10M, and that perhaps Goran will be an option in case Smith decides to sign elsewhere.

However, this Goran Dragic trade speculation seems unlikely to push through considering Dragic’s vital role in the Heat’s transition, and his determination to take over the team.

And regarding his issues with Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic said, “Me and Hassan, we worked a lot together to get better, and we did at the end of the season, and I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with him on the court.”

“As soon as I saw him, we were already talking how we’re going to play together.”

Photo Courtesy: reddenoticias/Flickr

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