NBA Rumors: Greg Monroe trade to Cavs for Kevin Love; 2 odd pieces out

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Greg Monroe trade, Kevin Love
Photo courtesy: Steffaville/Wikimedia Commons, NBA Rumors

When power forward/center Greg Monroe joined the Milwaukee Bucks in July 2015 he was expected to do great things for the team that signed him to a 3-year contract worth $50 million.

A contract of such magnitude was brought about with the notion that he’d be able to carry over his performance with his previous team, the Detroit Pistons. And that involved providing a stable scoring effort within the paint and grabbing those rebounds.

During the 2013-14 season, he joined Grant Hill by recording more than a thousand points and 600+ rebounds in his 3rd consecutive season with the Pistons.

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But his entry to the Pistons wasn’t that stellar from the start. It was a gradual process, so he could feel his way into the team’s style of game, and this is what he should be given with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Greg Monroe has been an average piece since joining the Bucks last year. Instead of giving him time to gel with their roster, NBA rumors circulate that he may now be on the trading block.

NBA rumors have a possible Greg Monroe trade to the Cavaliers.

According to a report by Yibada Gery Woelfel of the Journal Times wrote, “The consensus among many NBA front office officials was that Monroe wouldn’t be with the Bucks when they report to training camp later this month – even if they couldn’t get fair market value for the big man.”

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If such were the case, the Cavs would be very willing to avail of his services. Not that the defending champs are bereft of scoring options, but they’d need to upgrade their current roster to cope with the Warriors super team, and with the rest of the league gearing towards re-enhancing their lineups.

A straight deal involving Kevin Love would work. Two talented players who don’t fit well with their current teams seems a sensible option. Kevin Love could help the Bucks with his outside shooting, while a Greg Monroe trade can provide an inside scoring solution and rebounding work for Cleveland.

Greg Monroe is reportedly aware of this NBA rumor and is not pleased with all. In a report by ESPN Monroe said, “I didn’t start ’em (trade rumors), so if you want to know the beginning, I don’t know where to tell you to go.”

“I just worked. That’s what I do. I was working with our coaches the whole summer, different times, back at Georgetown and then back home in New Orleans.”

“So we’re just trying to continue to get better, to get my body better. I’ve been working out with my teammates for the past week. It’s good to be back here.”

Greg Monroe remains positive that he’ll be able to adjust with the Bucks and eventually perform as originally expected.

David Falk, Monroe’s agent said, “He (Monroe) wants to accomplish what they didn’t accomplish this year — making the playoffs. We are trying to make this work. Whether it will happen, I don’t know. But we’re going to try.”

The only question now is whether the Bucks are willing to give him more time for him to assimilate with their game style, or will they choose to forego already having a replacement in mind.

Photo courtesy: Steffaville/Wikimedia Commons

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