NBA rumors: Hassan Whiteside unhappy with Miami Heat’s offer, may leave in free agency

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Hassan Whiteside (Photo courtesy: GoldenBryan/Creative Commons)

Who’s the best center in this edition of the NBA? Experts feel arguably it’s the Miami Heat’s big man- Hassan Whiteside. But has Miami made him feel like a second choice? The tall center is unhappy with the offer pitched to him by his team and is keen to gauge the market by hitting the free agency.

Seven of the Heat players spoke to the media about their future, according to a report published in the Miami Herald. Hassan Whiteside preferred to refrain from it like seven other men, like veteran star Dwyane Wade did two seasons back. The franchise also didn’t want their superstar center to open up in front of the media at this critical juncture, as they are about to enter a messy offseason with so much at stake. With so many things unsettled.

Hassan Whiteside knows it, has felt it, and preferred to stay tight-lipped.

Whiteside is highly admired by his teammates and his head coach. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra revealed that it was the big-man who inspired him to become a much-accomplished head coach this season.

“He forced me to become a better coach in a lot of different ways, learning how to motivate and inspire him and communicate and connect with somebody who’s a different personality”, The Miami boss pointed out.

Whiteside’s case is an interesting one. Heat doesn’t own his complete bird rights, so the franchise can’t exceed its cap space to re-sign him, but after a stellar season, the Heat center is one of the most sought-after free agents in the market. No doubt the big man is looking for big money this time, and many teams like the Los Angeles Lakers are ready to offer him a max contract. And Hassan Whiteside deserves it.

Are the Miami Heat underestimating their asset? Or they will change their mind to pitch an offer worth $102 million over four years soon?

Well, currently the best center in the league prefers to keep a tab on the situation silently.

 Photo courtesy: GoldenBryan/Creative Commons
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