NBA Rumors: Hawks say NO TRADE for Paul Millsap, contract extension possible?

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PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly given power forward Paul Millsap assurance that he will not be traded before the 2016-17 NBA season. Will the Hawks sign him to a contract extension?

Paul Millsap has been involved in various trade rumors in the past months. The 31-year-old power forward can opt out next summer and explore the free agency market. In the recent free agency, the Atlanta Hawks tried to trade him to give center Al Horford a huge deal.

Unfortunately, Horford left the team and decided to join the Boston Celtics. The Hawks acquired Atlanta native Dwight Howard to pair with Paul Millsap as their new frontcourt tandem. However, it remains questionable on how the two ball dominant big men will manage to play together.

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When the Hawks traded Jeff Teague, some people believe that they are already starting to rebuild the team. With this, trading an aging Paul Millsap will be a better option than letting him go in next year’s free agency without getting anything in return.

However, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insider reported that the Hawks guaranteed Millsap that he will not be traded somewhere else.

“If the floor falls out from under the Hawks then moving Millsap might become a possibility. However, according to sources near the situation, Millsap has been assured he’s not going anywhere.” Kyler said.

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As of now, the Atlanta Hawks will be tested if the Millsap-Howard tandem will work well for them. If the team’s performance declines, there is a higher possibility that the 31-year-old star forward will be dealt before the trade deadline.

If the Hawks show an improvement next season, it is expected that the management will let him stay. The Hawks have succeeded to enter the NBA playoffs for the ninth consecutive years. However, the past two seasons made them decide to make an adjustment on their roster.

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