NBA Rumors: Heat trading Chris Bosh with Miami’s plans to ‘run more’ next season

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The Miami Heat led by head coach Erik Spoelstra is planning to run more in the 2016-2017 NBA Season. Could these mean that they are moving on from Chris Bosh, who is still mentioned in NBA rumors that he won’t be returning to the team because of blood clot issues?

“When you’re pushing the tempo and attacking, that’s a fun style… It will only make sense for us to maximize Goran’s strengths, Hassan’s strengths, Justise Winslow’s strengths. Their strengths are their speed, their athleticism.. Young players gravitate to Goran. They want to play that style,” Spoelstra said to Barry Jackson of Miami Herald.

Goran Dragic is the starting point guard for the Heat and had shown his potential in a fast-paced offense as the backup to Steve Nash with the Phoenix Suns before he joined Miami.

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Hassan Whiteside is known for his athleticism and Justise Winslow is also another athlete that can be maximized if the Heat runs more in the upcoming season.

When talking about the new fast-paced style for Miami, Spoelstra did not mention Chris Bosh, who is mentioned in NBA rumors that he’s set to make a return to the court in the upcoming season.

No official word has been said both from the Heat management or the player but there are speculations that it’s the team and league doctors that will decide on Bosh’s chance to return to the NBA next season.

A Bosh trade from Miami is unlikely because of the big man’s condition. It’s difficult for any team to risk giving up core players for Bosh without knowing if he can still play in the NBA.

However, if healthy, Bosh will also be a valued player especially if he can land with a contender or a playoff team. Bosh has three years left in his deal with the Heat that pays him about $25 million per season until 2019.

The Heat lost Dwyane Wade this 2016 offseason and moving Bosh for younger players makes sense so the roster can get younger and be more prepared for the future.

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Among the NBA rumors involving Bosh, the ones most interesting are moves that deals him to the Toronto Raptors, his former team, and the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards, who want to contend for playoff spots next season or become title contenders.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/the1dragon

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