NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets chasing Frank Vogel as head coach

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Frank Vogel was unceremoniously fired as head coach by the Indiana Pacers despite his success with the team the last few seasons. Other NBA teams are now chasing the veteran mentor, with one West team, the Houston Rockets showing interest according to NBA rumors.

Recently J.B. Bickerstaff, who was the interim head coach taking over after Kevin McHale was fired earlier in the regular season, withdrew his name to be considered for the head coaching job in Houston. According to NBA rumors, Bickerstaff would rather settle for an assistant head coach job with other NBA teams rather than be the head coach of the team whose franchise player is James Harden.

Vogel, who is now being linked to the Rockets, will now consider Bickerstaff’s alleged problem with the team’s superstar, who is known for his scoring but has been criticized for being lazy on the defensive end and not being a leader on the court for his team.

Vogel has been with the Pacers from 2007 to 2011 as an assistant and from 2011 to 2016 as the head coach. According to NBA rumors, Vogel appealed to Larry Bird, the former Boston Celtics great and current Pacers president, to reconsider firing him from the team. Bird and the Pacers reportedly were decided to move into another direction and look for a new head coach.

Vogel landing in Houston can be seen as a good news for Rockets fans. But with NBA rumors of James Harden’s attitude, some prospect coaches may be hesitant to sign in Houston if they can’t handle the Rockets star. However, Vogel is a respected and established coach already and could have a good relationship with Harden.

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