NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets to deal James Harden this 2016 offseason?

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The Houston Rockets have been one of the most disappointing teams this season and the 2016 NBA Playoffs and their poor performance have given legs to NBA rumors that the entire team, including star guard James Harden, will be available in deals in their upcoming offseason.

Except for a close win in Game 3, the Rockets have lost to the Warriors via blowout losses, 104-78 in Game 1, 115-106 in Game 2 and on Sunday, 121-94 in Game 4 as Golden State grabbed the 3-1 series lead in the best-of-seven first round match-up.

Some NBA rumors have put Dwight Howard already in free agency even though he has a player option in his contract for the 2016-2017 season. But the Rockets big man has already given many clues that he will not pick up that option and search for another NBA team this summer.

Howard’s relationship with Harden has been question all season with both players proving that nothing has improved between them in the playoffs. In Game 3, Harden hit the game-winner but Howard did not even react to the shot putting speculations that he’s not happy at at all even though the Rockets got the upset win in the series.

The easy guess for Houston is that they will let go of Howard because they don’t have a choice and will not try to convince him to pick up the player option. However, there is also the growing NBA rumors talk that the Texas team might finally realize that James Harden is not the franchise player they need next season or the following seasons.

Howard has been linked to lots of NBA teams including the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks.

Which NBA teams need James Harden in their roster? And which NBA squads have the salary cap that will allow the team to acquire his $17M yearly contract until the 2017-2018 NBA Season?

Harden remains one of the top players with numbers of 29.0 points, 5.7 rebounds and 7.0 assists this season but his attitude as a lead and laziness on defense has been question a lot of times throughout this season.

For the Houston Rockets, NBA rumors will be about Howard’s destination this summer but expect James Harden to be mentioned in the rumor mill as his Rockets’ stint has shown that he is not worthy of being a franchise player in Texas.

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