NBA Rumors: Iman Shumpert ready to start for Cavs, Jordan Clarkson Lakers trade for J.R. Smith unlikely; LeBron James pissed

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J.R. Smith, Jordan Clarkson Lakers trade
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NBA rumors of a Jordan Clarkson Lakers trade intensified when coach Luke Walton moved their shooting guard to the bench. The latest speculations have him mixed up with the Cavs’ J.R. Smith, who still hasn’t re-signed with the defending champs to LeBron James chagrin.

LeBron James knows first hand how important J.R. Smith means to the team, and how difficult it may be for them to do a back-to-back run without him.

Will this warrant a Jordan Clarkson Lakers trade with them, as NBA rumors say?

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Jordan Clarkson has been gracious in accepting his new role with L.A. In fact, he doesn’t seem too worried about not playing valuable minutes. Coach Luke Walton tells him to look at the situation as a starter in the second unit, so their offensive game never lets up.

There’s no concern about his stats being affected, nevertheless, Jordan Clarkson Lakers trade issues don’t let up either.

Latest NBA rumors say Jordan Clarkson could be shipped to L.A. to replace J.R. Smith. There are no formal negotiations yet, and this seems unlikely too.

J.R. Smith is asking for a $15M salary, but the Cavs are offering around $12M, resulting in a deadlock and being misunderstood.

For plan B, Iman Shumpert is reportedly ready to fill in his void.

“Shump is just ready to step in,” Kyrie Irving said via Bleacher Report.

“As a professional, it’s his job as well as our job to make sure we all integrate ourselves — whoever is out there. As a two-guard for us, he’s been working on his jump shot a lot and coming into this preseason definitely impacting the ball like he does defensively. He understands that and he’s filling in for J.R. right now. He’s our starting two-guard right now.”

The problem with this plan is that the Cavs lack the talent to back up Iman Shumpert.

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In spite of the delay in negotiations J.R. Smith is still expected to rejoin the Cavs. What higher honor is there than to defend one’s championship title and to play with LeBron James?

Jordan Clarkson may be a good option, but he doesn’t have the range of J.R. Smith nor the experience. J.R. Smith is a great spot up shooter, and he can score on his own too.

“He’s a two-way player. He’s a space guy and a great locker room guy. He’s been great in the community and things of that nature as well. So we look forward to getting him back.” LeBron James said.

And what LeBron wants, LeBron gets… albeit with a little delay.

“I hate coming into another season – two years in a row – with one of my big guns not here. So, for a leader of a team and for me personally, I just hate to deal with this s— again. It’s just too big of a piece to our team to have to deal with in another training camp.” LeBron James said in a report by Cleveland.

NBA rumors say J.R. Smith re-signing delay could reach the start of the regular season.

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