NBA rumors: Will Ben Simmons’ off-court efforts to don Lakers’ colors succeed

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Ben Simmons (Photo Courtesy: EmbraceThePace – NBA 2K16/YouTube)

Ben Simmons prefers to stay out of sight. The LSU product is missing in action since the LSU Tigers failed to qualify for the NCAA tournaments. He skipped the NBA draft combine and didn’t appear in the NBA draft lottery. While his rival Brandon Ingram and other peers are doing everything to showcase their skills-set, the 19-year-old Australian chose to stay away from the action, but why is he doing so?

It seems from his “actions” that he doesn’t want to be picked No. 1 overall. The Philadelphia 76ers possess the first overall draft pick, but Simmons and his representatives are preferring the Los Angeles Lakers as a destiny in this NBA drafts. Well, they intend to be triggered by a serious business- landing in Lakers would hand the rookie a much more lucrative sneaker deal.

“You can catch me on the Lakers next season.”Simmons proudly proclaimed posing for a photograph wearing his Magic Johnson Lakers‘ jersey. So, the intent is clear from his point of view, but can he force his way to the Lakers as the Sixers are inclined to pick him over Ingram with the first overall pick?

So, the only obstacle coming in the way of Simmons and his desired destiny is Philadelphia’s management. Can he and his representatives convince the Sixers to pick Ingram, so that things fall neatly for Simmons to don Lakers‘ colors?

If Simmons remains in hiding and Ingram surges ahead in the meantime, the Sixers will be left with no other options rather pick the Duke’s product. So, the well-conceived strategy may work.

But unlike last year’s draft when Karl-Anthony Towns made giant strides in the last weeks to be considered a player with more all-around abilities than Jahlil Okafor, most experts of the game still believes that Simmons is the player with higher ceilings than his rival. So, staying away from action hasn’t helped the 19-year-old entirely.

Photo Courtesy: EmbraceThePace – NBA 2K16/YouTube

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