NBA Rumors: Jahlil Okafor to Chicago, or to play with LeBron James & Cavaliers

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Spurs suggested trading Patty Mills, Kyle Anderson for 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor
The San Antonio Spurs is looking to sign one more center to fill in the rotation needed in their roster and rumors are swirling that the Spurs are suggested to trade Patty Mills and Kyle Anderson to acquire Jahlil Okafor from the Philadelphia 76ers.

The free agency clamor has simmered down, and yet Jahil Okafor rumors still continue to boil along with Nerlens Noel, as the Philadelphia 76ers continue to look to trade one of its big men.

The Sixers’ team manager, Bryan Colangelo has been adamant about trading one of its big men to ease out a logjam of centers, including Joel Embiid who will be returning soon from an injury.

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According to a report by CSNNE, Colangelo has openly admitted not being comfortable going into the new season with 3 centers, but would not trade any of them just for the sake of it.

“We’re not going to make a bad deal just to make a deal. I think we can be a better basketball team if we can distribute that talent better. Maybe take one of those assets and address other needs on the roster.” Bryan Colangelo said.

“I think right now it’s best to say we like all of them, we want to see if we can make the most out of each of them. At the end of the day, the reality says one has to go at some point but only when the deal is right.”

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Jahlil Okafor trade rumors abound that he’ll possibly be moved to the Cavs and LeBron James in a 3-way trade that includes Carl Landry being sent to the Lakers, while Iman Shumpert goes to the Sixers along with Nick Young, according to Yibada.

Nick Young has long been on the trading block of the Lakers despite his attempts to settle the score with D’Angelo Russell. Moving him to the Sixers would benefit him and Iman Shumpert greatly due to Ben Simmons’ passing ability and basketball IQ.

It would mean he gets another shot at rebuilding his career after a poor season rocked with drama involving D’Angelo Russell and his ex-GF Iggy Azalea.

Jahlil Okafor is a stable scoring center and is a life threat inside the paint. He has a good footwork and his ambidexterity tend to dominate his defenders. With him fill in the center position, Kevin Love could do what he does best as a power forward.

It looks to be a better set up in helping LeBron James carry the team with fluidity in defending their NBA title.

The Lakers need a big man badly after Timofey Mozgov became injured, and Carl Landry could be their answer. The 3-way trade makes sense to all teams and players involved.

Meanwhile, another NBA rumor surrounding Jahlil Okafor is the possibility of a trade to the Bulls led by Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade.

Jahlil Okafor would be a great tandem with Nikola Mirotic in the frontcourt. The latter takes his shots from long range, while Okafor is a scoring threat, inside the paint, unlike his current situation with Nerlens Noel and Embiid.

This deal could circle around Jerian Grant or Doug McDermott.

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