NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets will be the worst team next season, says NBA expert

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The biggest acquisition of the Brooklyn Nets this offseason was Jeremy Lin, who signed a $36 million contract for three years. However, one NBA expert thinks the Nets will be the worst team next season while also taking a shot at Lin’s abilities.

Brooklyn did not have a great summer besides the arrival of “Linsanity” as they had to trade Thaddeus Young to get a first-round pick. They also failed to acquire big names while also striking out with free agents such as Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe.

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According to Shaun Powell of, the Nets and their fan are in a painfully long rebuilding process due to several mistakes made by their ownership and management. Even though they have somewhat of a star player in Brook Lopez, new GM in Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson, they have a lot of improvements to do.

“It’s very possible the Nets are in worse shape than any other NBA franchise. They lack a true franchise player, they aren’t carrying any young talent with huge upside, their amount of trade material is thin and they don’t own their No. 1 pick outright until 2019,” Powell reported.

The NBA expert also took a shot at Jeremy Lin, who was the biggest name the Nets signed this summer. The 27-year-old point guard stands out among his new teammates that include Trevor Booker, Anthony Bennett, Luis Scola and Randy Foye.

“Lin isn’t the talent who took the city and the Knicks by storm a few years ago. Since then, he has fallen into a backup-level point guard who occasionally delivers starter-like flashes,” Powell said.  However, he also has some good words for Jeremy and the Nets.

“Lin is a smart buy, an energetic overachiever who is beloved by fans and will undoubtedly bring some buzz to an arena that needs it,” he added.

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It should be noted that Shaun Powell was not alone in thinking that the Nets will be the worst team next season. According to ESPN Projections, Brooklyn is going to finish last in the standings with a 20-62 record.

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