NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Brooklyn Nets ‘wreaking havoc’ in free agency; Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Otto Porter as top RFA targets

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Jeremy Lin has a strong belief that the Brooklyn Nets will be an attractive destination for incoming free agents this offseason. Despite being the worst team in the league, Lin believes their culture and team-first attitude will convince some players to play for them next season.

The Nets ended the 2016-17 NBA season as the worst team in the league with a 20-62 win-loss record. They won’t receive any benefit from being the worst team as they lost multiple first-round picks in the blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics. With their goal to return to contention, the only way they can do to improve their roster is through the free agency market.

Brooklyn Nets wreaking havoc in NBA Free Agency 2017

Last summer, the Brooklyn Nets targeted several restricted free agents, including Tyler Johnson of the Miami Heat and Allen Crabbe of the Portland Trail Blazers. Unfortunately, they failed to acquire either Johnson or Crabbe after their respective teams matched the Nets’ offer. In a podcast with Bobby Marks on The Vertical, Adrian Wojnarowski discussed the possibility that the Nets will make similar moves this summer.

“Brooklyn is the team that’s wreaking havoc on the league,” Woj said. “They’re forcing all these teams to overpay to keep their own players. They did it with Tyler Johnson. They did it with Allen Crabbe of Portland. This summer you look at the potential restricted free agents. There are a couple of intriguing ones who might be worth throwing a big number at on an offer sheet. They think, ‘Maybe we can get them.'”

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Otto Porter as Brooklyn Nets’ top targets

The Nets have enough cap space to give their free-agent targets max offer sheets. Woj revealed that Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of the Detroit Pistons and Otto Porter Jr. of the Washington Wizards are at the top of the Nets’ list.

“Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in Detroit the shooting guard and Otto Porter small forward in Washington. I think, are at the top of (the list). I think Brooklyn will potentially be … They have the space to go out and do it. They made a run at Crabbe last year, didn’t get them. He and Caldwell-Pope play the same position. Does Detroit want to max out Caldwell-Pope? No, they do not. But are they willing to lose him for nothing,” Woj said.

The Nets are also open for smaller deals. Joe Ingles, Andre Robertson, and Tony Snell are reportedly on Brooklyn’s radar. With most NBA teams edging closer to the luxury tax threshold of $121 million, there is a higher possibility that the Nets will succeed to acquire their free-agent targets this summer.

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