NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin Nets’ ‘franchise player’ says Carmelo Anthony; Sarcasm or not from the Knicks star

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Jeremy Lin
Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7, Jeremy Lin the NBA’s best son and role model

Carmelo Anthony called Jeremy Lin the “franchise player” for the Brooklyn Nets. The sarcasm was not lost on some NBA fans, who thinks Melo was just being too nice and that he doesn’t really mean it, according to speculations.

“What do I think about it? … He is the face of that franchise, believe it or not. He came up, they paid him and now the ball is in his hands. So now he’s one of the franchise players over there,” Anthony said via ESPN.

“What do you want me to say about that? I’m happy for him, excited for him to see how it’s going to work out, turn out over there.”

Lin was the Nets biggest offseason acquisition. The Asian-American guard will start at point guard and will form a nice core with the other franchise player in the roster, Brook Lopez.

With Lin and Lopez, the Nets are still expected to be among the worst teams in the league in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

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Jeremy Lin responded about his former teammate’s “franchise player” comment. Lin and Melo were teammates with the New York Knicks in the 2011-2012 NBA Season. During that season “Linsanity” was born and Lin became one of the most popular players in the league.

“I heard about it through people, actually just this morning. But I don’t really read anything, so I wasn’t aware or I don’t know the context of what he said,” Lin said via New York Daily News.

“But again, part of me joining this team over here, a big part of it is it’s not so much (being) the face of the franchise or whatever.”

Lin signed a three-year deal worth about $36 million with the Nets after opting out of his contract with the Charlotte Hornets, where he was a good player last year and was one of the players responsible for leading the squad to the NBA Playoffs.

“We want to do this thing together and that’s what we signed up for. … We know it’s going to be up to us as a team to have to get it done,” Lin added.

“So I’m not worried about ‘the franchise,’ I’m not worried about what people on the outside are saying, I’m not really worried about any of it, to be honest. I really wasn’t even aware of it and I would never have known anything about it if it hadn’t been brought to my attention.”

Was Carmelo Anthony serious in saying that Jeremy Lin is a franchise player for the Nets? Was the Knicks star just being sarcastic or wanted to avoid any more controversy after he was accused as the player responsible for removing “Linsanity” some years ago in New York?

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Will Jeremy Lin prove to Melo that he’s the rightful “franchise player” in NY rival Brooklyn Nets?

Photo courtesy: Instagram/JLin7

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