NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to the Clippers? Will ‘Linsanity’ work in Lob City?

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: jlin7/Instagram)

Jeremy Lin has been linked with many teams ever since the Charlotte Hornets were eliminated from the playoffs and of those teams are the Los Angeles Clippers. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Clippers may go after Lin this offseason, but will he fit in Lob City?

As mentioned in a previous report, Lin will be a free agent on July 1 as he opted out of his contract with the Hornets. On the other hand, the Clippers are coming off an unfortunate playoff run and they can potentially lose to key role players in free agency

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Backup guard Austin Rivers and backup center Cole Aldrich both opted out of their deals, and they could potentially have a good raise based on their performances this season. The Clippers will have about $10 million in cap space and the mid-level exception to use this summer.

According to Tom West of FanSided, Jeremy Lin can be the new backup guard for the Clippers. The 27-year-old made big strides in improving his defense this season and his play off the bench was one of the best in the league.

But will “Linsanity” be a good fit in Lob City if ever the Clips sign him this offseason? Yes, since he’s one of the best backup guards in the NBA and he could even be a starter for some teams. His penetration will help open up shots for the team’s shooters off the bench.

Chris Paul will finally have a solid backup and the Clippers can manage his minutes to preserve his fragile body. Nonetheless, Lin wants an opportunity to be a starter in the NBA and he can certainly be one for some teams.

“To be happy, I need to consider a few things. Of course I am going to consider who is coaching the team, the team’s style, the players on the team and their chance of winning, as well as the on-court time I have and if I have a chance to start,” Lin told the Taipei Times.

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Lin has also said in previous interviews that he wants to remain with the Hornets and he’s willing to give them a discount. However, he’s not a priority for Charlotte and he may likely end up signing with the Brooklyn Nets, wherein he can start for head coach Kenny Atkinson.

Photo Courtesy: @jlin7/Intagram

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